Team member

Open Position:
  • Assistant Host for Bar Crawl Group (see description and requirements) 
Spontaneous positions: 

Our young SME is expanding day by day and we are looking for talented people to join us and be part of this tremendous adventure. The opportunities to grow together are big and it only depends on you how far we can go. Tell us what you have to offer and how we could conquer the world together. Share our values, our vision and let’s begin this challenge. 


Collaboration/ Partnership

We couldn’t be where we are right now without the amazing collaborations we have with our partners. Each one of them is part of this success and we are more than happy and delighted to meet more and more partners. From newspaper, restaurant,.. till tourism office and foundations.  We can all bring a little something to each other and expand the positives impact and vibes.



Each of our events is carrying strong values with the support of amazing brands. 

Become one of our sponsors and create with us incredible events, always better and making dreams come true to everyone. Everything is possible, everything is reachable. 


Investors/ mentors

As a young SME, combining our strengths with an investor and/or a mentor is for sure a strong bonus and added-value that we are more than welcome to receive at any moment. 



“Together we are stronger, together we go further!”

” Work with cool people, cool projects, cool places” 

We won’t stand for nothing less!

So ready to start the adventure with us?