Espumante, Love and Sex

Interactive Conference & Personal Development for Women


A full-day dedicated to your personal development with specific and interesting subjects. 

You will learn, get inspired, practice and feel in possession of your own life. 

Also, you will connect with other persons, create new relationship because of one the main characteristics to live a successful life starts by surrounding yourself by the people you want to become. It that case, by inspiring and determined women willing to improve their life. 


Laudy Sarli : Love and Sex Coach

Carol Villarreal: Sex expert from Masculan 

Julie Renson: Energy coach

When & where?

Date: 2nd of September 2018: 10am-7pm

Venue: Sortis Hotel – Obarrio


10.00-12.30: Love yourself and love your life

12.30-13.15: Lunch Break

13.15-15.40: Enjoy your sex life

15.40-16.00: Coffee Break

16.00-17.30: Build your relationship

17.30-19.00: Networking